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quad services happy new year

Happy New Year!

1 Jan, 2018
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Happy New Year to all of our staff, customers, clients and friends! We hope you have had a fantastic Christmas holiday and enjoy the start of 2018!

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Early Christmas Preparations

15 Nov, 2017
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We absolutely love Christmas here at Quad Services! The weather is beautiful, we have time with our family and friends eating delicious food. What is not to love!

However, it can sometimes seem overwhelming if you are the host as you have so much to do – cleaning, cooking, decorating and more! But a great tip from us it to plan ahead and prepare your home so that it is a little easier.

We are in mid November which means we have a fair amount of time to prepare! Here are our top preps for this time of year:

– Start planning for the day – get your calendar out and write down who will be coming and when. This will make it easier to plan food.

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– Go through your home and make a checklist of things you want to do before the holidays start. This could include clearing the yard, touching up paint, decorating or gardening. We also recommend a de-clutter now Spring is here!

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– Spring clean if you haven’t already – windows, de-clutter, sort the garage, clear the garden and have a general clearout.

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– Tackle any areas of renovation  that you have been putting off! Having guests at Christmas is a great motivator for doing jobs that you have struggling to do!

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What are some of your tips for Christmas preparations? Let us know over on our Facebook page:

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How to Save Time Cleaning

30 Aug, 2017
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Here at Quad Services we know all the key tips to make your cleaning routine a little easier! We have been in the cleaning and maintenance industry for over 50 years and in that time we have really learnt some useful methods and tips that we like to pass on to our clients and friends!

There are lots of different things you can do to simplify cleaning your home, but here are our top tips:

* Spend 5 -10 minutes each evening tidying up all the surfaces and putting away dishes – this adds up each week!

* Before you start cleaning gather all rubbish, toys and bits & bobs  from worktops, tables and floors – once surfaces are clear it makes cleaning tasks more manageable

* Use a cleaning caddy – it makes it much easier to have all your products next to you

* Clean surfaces before the floors – they should be the last area you clean!

* Plug your vacuum in the centre of the house – it will save you time unplugging and replugging in! And use an extension lead if you need to!

We hope you find these tips useful! What are your favourite cleaning tips? Let us know on our Facebook!

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How to remove tea stains from crockery and worktops

17 Jul, 2017
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Tea stains can often be quite difficult to remove with just elbow grease! If allowed to sit for a while it can often seem like a permanent stain.

However, here at Quad Services we have a multitude of experience in cleaning – from large scale commercial operations to smaller cleaning projects – and we know all the best cleaning tips!

To remove a tea/coffee stain from white crockery we recommend:

– Adding a touch of bleach to hot water in the cup – right to the top- and leave it to sit for a few hours – ideally overnight.  Once you are ready to wash the cup, pour away the bleach water and replace it with hot soapy water. Give it a good scrub with either a brush or scouring pad and remember to rinse well. This should remove even the toughest tea stains.

To remove tea/coffee from worktops:

For laminate worktops:

– If it is a laminate/formica worktop there are a few options. Firstly, you can use Jif Cream which works well as a first clean. Wipe the surfaces clean then use a touch of Jif on a scouring pad and scrub well. Leave the Jif to penetrate for a while then scrub again with hot soapy water. If that fails to remove the stain you can always soak a hot damp cloth in diluted bleach and again leave it for a while to soak in. Wipe clean with a hot sponge and ensure you have removed any traces of bleach, as the kitchen worktop often tends to be a food prep area.

– For granite and marble worktops:

– These are porous materials which means they can absorb water and liquids which can leave stains. We recommend testing a inconspicuous area of your countertops before using products all over. We don’t recommend leaving a product on these surfaces for too long, but you can still follow similar methods to laminate worktops. Once you have tested an area and it is safe to use, try spray bleach on a damp hot cloth and gently use circular motions to try and lift the stain off. There are also dedicated granite and marble cleaners on the market which are designed to be used for these porous stones which we would recommend over other products.

– For wooden or oak worktops:

– We don’t recommend using bleach on a wooden countertop as it can sometimes leave a stain. To get a tea/coffee stain out of a wooden worktop we would recommend trying to ‘lift’ the stain off if it is a recent spill and see if that works. You can use paper towels or dish cloths and pat down on the spill to ‘lift’ it off gently. If it is an older stain, one method you could try is using wire wool with a few drops of lemon oil and using circular motions to gently buff the stain out. If this does not work then you may need to actually sand down the worktop and then restain/reseal it with oil or wax.

Have you ever had spillages on your kitchen worktops? How did you remove them? We’d love to hear your tips too! Visit our Facebook page for more tips and advice!


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Quad Services – Essential Cleaning Items for the Home

26 Apr, 2017
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There are so many useful items that you often need when cleaning your home. We thought it may be useful to compile our top 10, especially to help those who are moving into their first home or just looking for some inspiration! For young adults leaving home they may not always think about what to buy first in terms of essential items.

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Here are our top 10 necessities for cleaning:
– Mop and bucket
– Vacuum cleaner
– Dustpan and brush
– Microfibre cloths
– Scouring pads
– Bucket
– Rubber gloves
– Dusting cloths
– Broom
– Dish cloths