Quad Services – The Benefits of Using a Steam Cleaner

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Quad Services – The Benefits of Using a Steam Cleaner

10 Jun, 2017
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There are many different ways you can clean your home and keep it tidy. All of them have merit and are useful in each type of property. For example if you have carpet on your floors you will vacuum the floor as opposed to mop it. Or if you have wooden furniture you would use polish or beeswax whereas if you have glass furniture you would find that glass cleaner or window cleaner will work best.

A useful product in the home to clean with is a steam cleaner. It is truly versatile and can be used in many different areas including:

– Wooden floors

– Tiled floors

– Some upholstery (check with the manufacturer)

– Curtains

– Blinds and hard to reach areas

– Sofas and furniture

– Stair spindles

– Bathrooms – shower screens and porcelain

– Kitchen worksurfaces

– Glass including windows

As you can see, a steam cleaner is not just for floors – they often have many attachments, making them particularly handy for hard to reach places. A real benefit of a steam cleaner is that you can do many different jobs with only one tool, making it a bit of a timesaver as well!