How to Clean Curtains


How to Clean Curtains

14 Dec, 2016
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Curtains can be a part of our home that can get neglected. Unlike the kitchen, bathroom and floors which get regular cleaning, curtains can often be forgotten. But it is important to clean your curtains regularly for several reasons:

– Dustmites can lurk in material and it is important to clean to get rid of them
– Smells can cling to fabric, which is something you do not want in your home
– Cleaning fabrics regularly helps those that may suffer from allergies such as asthma
– It refreshes them and ensures they last for years

Here are some of the methods we could recommend for ensuring your curtains remain in tip top condition!

– If your curtains are machine washable, you can do that on a regular basis and hang outside to dry
– For heavy weight curtains you can use the upholstery brush on your vacuum cleaner to give them a thorough clean between dry cleans
– If there is a minor stain on your curtains, you may be able to carefully clean that area. Take a lightly damp sponge to a discreet part of the curtain and see if it is colour-fast. If so, proceed to carefully clean the stain without rubbing.
– Depending on the fabric, you may be able to lightly steam clean your curtains. Check the manufacturers instructions on your steam cleaner to ensure you can use it.
– Regularly clean around the curtain rail to ensure cobwebs and dust do not gather there.

We would not recommend using wipes, bleach or detergents on any curtains as they are likely to damage the fabric. Always check the washing instructions for your curtains to see which methods would work for you!
If you have any tips for cleaning curtains, please let us know!