Freshen up your home in 2018

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Freshen up your home in 2018

15 Jan, 2018
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Happy New Year! We are in 2018 and it feels fantastic! The start of a new year brings so much potential and change – a chance to improve areas of your life which is always a good thing!

After the busy Christmas holiday period, it is sometimes a relief to take down decorations and strip back your home for the changing year. There is usually so much excess clutter in the home after Christmas and this isn’t the best way to move into a new year.

Here are our top tips to freshen up your home in 2018

* Clear out all packaging from Christmas presents and other bits and pieces from the holidays

* Put away certain decorations in the loft, shed or garage if you haven’t already

* Do a light spring clean of your home

* Buy some fresh flowers

* Have a clear out of your pantry and food cupboards

* Clear the garden or balcony of any rubbish, junk or party decor

* Get a family calendar in the kitchen to stay organised

* Consider a cleaning rota to keep your home looking its best!

Do you have any tips to freshen up your home in 2018? Do you have any cleaning tips that you just need to share!

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