Cleaning with vinegar?

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Cleaning with vinegar?

21 Nov, 2017
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We are not talking about the balsamic kind however (can you imagine!?) but just regular white vinegar! It was a common cleaning product many years ago and there has been a trend in recent years in old style cleaning methods. They definitely have their uses and whilst not perfect for everything, definitely have their place.

Here are some of our recommendations if you want to try cleaning with vinegar:

– Dilute with some lemon juice to mask the smell as vinegar has a certain ‘tang’ to it!

– It is great for cleaning windows and glass

– Decant into a spray bottle for ease of cleaning

– Try using vinegar in between blinds to remove dust and clean thoroughly

– It works well on shower heads and taps to bring out the shine

– It can be ideal when cleaning the fridge as bleach is not really recommended

– Deodorize your drain by pouring a little vinegar down and letting it sit before using the tap

– If you have children with allergies to certain cleaning products then vinegar can be a good option as it a lot milder than bleach



– Do NOT mix bleach and vinegar as it can produce toxic vapours

– Test wood areas before using as on some species it can leave a mark

– Do NOT use vinegar on a natural stone floor such as marble, slate or limestone as it can tarnish the surface (as vinegar is acidic)