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Happy New Year!

1 Jan, 2018
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Happy New Year to all of our staff, customers, clients and friends! We hope you have had a fantastic Christmas holiday and enjoy the start of 2018!

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Top Tips for Spring Cleaning your home

19 Sep, 2017
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Spring is officially here in Australia and it sure does feel good! The days are warmer and life is starting to bloom outside which is lovely. It is also the perfect time to start Spring cleaning your home! Here at Quad Services we want to do a little series about Spring cleaning and we thought our first article could be our general tips! These top tips will ease you into the process of how to Spring clean your home and get you started:

* Clear all rubbish away from surfaces, floors and corners – this will instantly clear the room, allowing you to see what is left!

* Once rubbish is gone, start to clear clutter – putting it away where possible and putting items back into their ‘rightful’ place (if they have one – if not, we will be tackling that subject in another article soon!)

* Organise your cleaning products, making sure that you have enough sponges, cloths, bleach, polish and other essentials before even starting.

* Open windows and sweep up outside – allow the warm Spring air into your home and this will definitely be a motivator!

* Start cleaning room by room – Spring cleaning is much more in-depth – you clean inside cupboards, above cupboards and in all those harder to each places that you often put off in Winter. Keeping each stage manageable is key!

* Tackle cupboards and drawers one by one, remembering to take out rubbish as much as possible to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

* Set up a ‘keep, donate and bin’ boxes for all of the main rooms of your home. This is a great way to do something for charities as well as clear your house of clutter and unwanted items.

* You can make the clearing element of cleaning a fun game with your kids – getting them to choose any toys to donate to charities.

* Consider hiring a window cleaner or cleaning company for areas that are too difficult for you or if you are too busy to tackle it all!

* Take rugs outside and give them a good shake. If possible leave them in the sun for the day and then vacuum well.

Those are some of our top tips to help you get started with your Spring cleaning! There will be more to come in this series where we will be sharing all of our helpful tips – gained from working in the cleaning industry in Australia for over 50 years :)

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How to remove tea stains from crockery and worktops

17 Jul, 2017
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Tea stains can often be quite difficult to remove with just elbow grease! If allowed to sit for a while it can often seem like a permanent stain.

However, here at Quad Services we have a multitude of experience in cleaning – from large scale commercial operations to smaller cleaning projects – and we know all the best cleaning tips!

To remove a tea/coffee stain from white crockery we recommend:

– Adding a touch of bleach to hot water in the cup – right to the top- and leave it to sit for a few hours – ideally overnight.  Once you are ready to wash the cup, pour away the bleach water and replace it with hot soapy water. Give it a good scrub with either a brush or scouring pad and remember to rinse well. This should remove even the toughest tea stains.

To remove tea/coffee from worktops:

For laminate worktops:

– If it is a laminate/formica worktop there are a few options. Firstly, you can use Jif Cream which works well as a first clean. Wipe the surfaces clean then use a touch of Jif on a scouring pad and scrub well. Leave the Jif to penetrate for a while then scrub again with hot soapy water. If that fails to remove the stain you can always soak a hot damp cloth in diluted bleach and again leave it for a while to soak in. Wipe clean with a hot sponge and ensure you have removed any traces of bleach, as the kitchen worktop often tends to be a food prep area.

– For granite and marble worktops:

– These are porous materials which means they can absorb water and liquids which can leave stains. We recommend testing a inconspicuous area of your countertops before using products all over. We don’t recommend leaving a product on these surfaces for too long, but you can still follow similar methods to laminate worktops. Once you have tested an area and it is safe to use, try spray bleach on a damp hot cloth and gently use circular motions to try and lift the stain off. There are also dedicated granite and marble cleaners on the market which are designed to be used for these porous stones which we would recommend over other products.

– For wooden or oak worktops:

– We don’t recommend using bleach on a wooden countertop as it can sometimes leave a stain. To get a tea/coffee stain out of a wooden worktop we would recommend trying to ‘lift’ the stain off if it is a recent spill and see if that works. You can use paper towels or dish cloths and pat down on the spill to ‘lift’ it off gently. If it is an older stain, one method you could try is using wire wool with a few drops of lemon oil and using circular motions to gently buff the stain out. If this does not work then you may need to actually sand down the worktop and then restain/reseal it with oil or wax.

Have you ever had spillages on your kitchen worktops? How did you remove them? We’d love to hear your tips too! Visit our Facebook page for more tips and advice!



5 Places You Forget to Clean – Quad Services

10 Mar, 2017

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Being a cleaning services provider in Australia for over 50 years, we have definitely learnt a thing or two in that time! Having spoken with many of our clients, colleagues and employees, we have garnered a lot of knowledge about the finer details of cleaning. One of those being places that can be overlooked in the home when cleaning. These areas are always on our list of areas to clean – but we know that in the home you have a million jobs to do and these can get overlooked!

Here are our 5 places that you (sometimes!) forget to clean:

The inside of the bin – we all take the bins out each week but it can be easy to just put a new bag in and not actually clean the bin. We recommend sterilizing it with bleach on a regular basis to ensure your bin stays fresh and clean!

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 Curtains – these need regular steam cleaning or dry cleaning as they can attract dust and absorb smells.

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Computer keyboards/mice – these are used on a daily basis by most people and should be cleaned regularly as they can harbour a lot of bacteria.

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Under sofas – they can be tricky to move but they should be cleaned regularly as a lot of miscellaneous items and dirt can find its way under there! Investing in a long vacuum extension can help reach difficult places.

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The back of cupboards – we recommend having a good Spring clean every now and then which includes emptying all of your cupboards and giving them a thorough clean!


 Are there any places that you sometimes forget to clean? Let us know your favourite cleaning tips!


How to prepare your home for Christmas

19 Dec, 2016
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Having family and friends over for Christmas is so much fun, but can also leave you in a panic! There are often so many things to do in the run up to the festive season that it can sometimes seem overwhelming. However, we have some helpful tips to make life a little easier!

2 weeks before Christmas
– Do a light Spring clean of your home. This includes cleaning any windows, emptying cluttered drawers and having a good general clean up.
– Make a list of all the food you will need and prepare either an online shop so it can be delivered or plan when you can get to the supermarket.
– Finish ordering any presents online so you will have enough time to wrap well in advance.
– Decorate the tree and your home if you haven’t already!

1 week before Christmas:
– Prepare spare rooms if family or friends are spending Christmas at your house.
– Make final checks on all the food you may want over the festive season.
– Tidy your garden or balcony ready for those BBQs and outside drinks!

2 days before Christmas:
– Make the final touches to your decorations.
– Get some fresh flowers and plan your table.
– Defrost any food needed
– Double check your drinks and pop to the shops if you need to.

Quad Services hope you have a wonderful festive season and a fantastic 2017!