Early Christmas Preparations

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Quad Services – The Benefits of Using a Steam Cleaner

10 Jun, 2017
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There are many different ways you can clean your home and keep it tidy. All of them have merit and are useful in each type of property. For example if you have carpet on your floors you will vacuum the floor as opposed to mop it. Or if you have wooden furniture you would use polish or beeswax whereas if you have glass furniture you would find that glass cleaner or window cleaner will work best.

A useful product in the home to clean with is a steam cleaner. It is truly versatile and can be used in many different areas including:

– Wooden floors

– Tiled floors

– Some upholstery (check with the manufacturer)

– Curtains

– Blinds and hard to reach areas

– Sofas and furniture

– Stair spindles

– Bathrooms – shower screens and porcelain

– Kitchen worksurfaces

– Glass including windows

As you can see, a steam cleaner is not just for floors – they often have many attachments, making them particularly handy for hard to reach places. A real benefit of a steam cleaner is that you can do many different jobs with only one tool, making it a bit of a timesaver as well!



How to prepare your home for Christmas

19 Dec, 2016
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Having family and friends over for Christmas is so much fun, but can also leave you in a panic! There are often so many things to do in the run up to the festive season that it can sometimes seem overwhelming. However, we have some helpful tips to make life a little easier!

2 weeks before Christmas
– Do a light Spring clean of your home. This includes cleaning any windows, emptying cluttered drawers and having a good general clean up.
– Make a list of all the food you will need and prepare either an online shop so it can be delivered or plan when you can get to the supermarket.
– Finish ordering any presents online so you will have enough time to wrap well in advance.
– Decorate the tree and your home if you haven’t already!

1 week before Christmas:
– Prepare spare rooms if family or friends are spending Christmas at your house.
– Make final checks on all the food you may want over the festive season.
– Tidy your garden or balcony ready for those BBQs and outside drinks!

2 days before Christmas:
– Make the final touches to your decorations.
– Get some fresh flowers and plan your table.
– Defrost any food needed
– Double check your drinks and pop to the shops if you need to.

Quad Services hope you have a wonderful festive season and a fantastic 2017!


Quad Services – How to Spring Clean your Kitchen 2016

18 Apr, 2016
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There is nothing better than a Spring clean for your kitchen! It makes you feel good and looks great!

Here at Quad Services we highly recommend having a deep clean of your kitchen from time to time. This can include clearing your pantry and cupboards of old food, deep cleaning areas of the kitchen that can get overlooked such as cooker hoods and throwing away unused items that take up space.  We recently made a video on how to clean your oven which should form part of any deep clean. Clearing out your fridge on a regular basis is important as well as deep cleaning the shelves and freezer areas. Once you give your kitchen a real Spring clean we can guarantee you will feel motivated and really enjoy using your kitchen space again! Find out our favourite tips from the Quad Services team in this short video:

Quad Services Sydney - here to help you!

Quad Services Sydney: Tips to Make Cleaning Easier!

4 Dec, 2014
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The team here at Quad Services Sydney are passionate about what they do and have put together a video which goes through some excellent tips to help make cleaning easier! There are many different things you can do to make cleaning your home a little easier and quicker – allowing you more time to do the things that you love! Find out more in this video by Quad Services Sydney: