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How to Clean Your PC

28 Mar, 2017
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We can often overlook cleaning certain aspects of our home from time to time and one of those places is your computer and desk area!

Computers are often used on a daily basis and yet can be forgotten on your cleaning schedule! Cleaning your desk area is important as it is an area that can get very dirty and harbour bacteria.

Regular cleaning is also important for keeping your PC  or laptop in good working order. Dust accumulates quickly around the fan and inside of a PC which can slow it down considerably.

Here at Quad Services our team have put together their best tips in keeping your computer clean and running efficiently:


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Quad Services Office Cleaning

9 Feb, 2017
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Quad Services have been providing office cleaning services for over 40 years. This includes CBD locations, commercial units, media stations, remote offices and more. Quad Services have locations across Australia as well as Auckland, New Zealand! Find out more about Quad Services today!


How to prepare your home for Christmas

19 Dec, 2016
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Having family and friends over for Christmas is so much fun, but can also leave you in a panic! There are often so many things to do in the run up to the festive season that it can sometimes seem overwhelming. However, we have some helpful tips to make life a little easier!

2 weeks before Christmas
– Do a light Spring clean of your home. This includes cleaning any windows, emptying cluttered drawers and having a good general clean up.
– Make a list of all the food you will need and prepare either an online shop so it can be delivered or plan when you can get to the supermarket.
– Finish ordering any presents online so you will have enough time to wrap well in advance.
– Decorate the tree and your home if you haven’t already!

1 week before Christmas:
– Prepare spare rooms if family or friends are spending Christmas at your house.
– Make final checks on all the food you may want over the festive season.
– Tidy your garden or balcony ready for those BBQs and outside drinks!

2 days before Christmas:
– Make the final touches to your decorations.
– Get some fresh flowers and plan your table.
– Defrost any food needed
– Double check your drinks and pop to the shops if you need to.

Quad Services hope you have a wonderful festive season and a fantastic 2017!


Top 10 Tips for Spring Cleaning

14 Nov, 2016
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Spring has definitely sprung here in Australia and it feels great! With the changing season, it is always great to have a refresh of your home. Having a Spring clean will make you feel organised and ready for the fun months ahead! Having worked in the cleaning industry for many years, our team here at Quad Services shared their top 10 tips for Spring cleaning:

1) Start with one room at a time – it makes the whole process more manageable and contains mess.
2) Make sure you prep first – get your cleaning products, bin bags, storage containers etc ready. It is then much easier to maintain a flow of work.
3) Go through all of your items into piles marked ‘keep’, ‘donate’ and ‘rubbish’. Pay a visit to your local op shop and give them any unwanted items that they may be able to sell. We recommend doing this for clothing in particular.
4) Take down curtains and drapes and get them dry cleaned. Steam clean any fabric sofas and wash cushion covers.
5) Empty all food cupboards and thoroughly clean inside. Clear and clean the pantry, disposing of any out of date food and drink.
6) Assess and organise food in the freezer and defrost if necessary.
7) Go through all of your drawers and shelves, clearing them of any unused items and cleaning thoroughly.
8) Clean all windows, doors and clear guttering. Check drains and make sure they are running well.
9) Check your air conditioning is dust free and working well in time for the warmer weather.
10) Tidy and clear the garage, disposing of any unwanted items.

We hope you found these Spring cleaning tips useful! We always love to hear if you have any tips to make Spring cleaning that little bit easier and dare we say it – enjoyable!


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How to be more environmentally friendly!

15 Sep, 2016
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Here at Quad Services we are very passionate about being green and being responsible for the environment. We are a member of the Green Council of Australia and do as much as we can to look after the environment including robust recycling, sensible water use and waste management. We are certified to AS/NZS ISO 14001-2004 Environmental Management Systems which is integrated into our business planning at all levels of our organisation.
In this video we share some useful tips on how to be more environmentally friendly – either in your home or at the office! If you have any tips please share and comment below!