About Quad


About Quad

7 Aug, 2014
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Quad Services is a national provider of quality cleaning, security and associated building services to a wide range of markets.

Our success in each of these markets is based upon the application of our operations model:

  • Two levels of Management – Operations Manager and General Manager- close to clients in small geographical areas with a limited number of sites to manage, to ensure fast and effective service to meet client needs. This team is supported by a Group General Manager.
  • A culture of service.
  • Appropriate staffing and site resources.
  • Provision  of safe and environmentally friendly work practices.
  • Ongoing staff evaluation and training.
  • Regular site inspections.
  • Customer Care system which provides an alternate client feedback process and enables us to effectively measure client satisfaction.
  • Effective performance review with client representatives.

Quad Services Commitment

Each market requires specific experience, equipment and training.

But the quality of the service in all markets is based upon the disciplined application of the above model delivering effective supervision of a consistent service providing customised solutions to client requirements.

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