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Early Christmas Preparations

15 Nov, 2017
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We absolutely love Christmas here at Quad Services! The weather is beautiful, we have time with our family and friends eating delicious food. What is not to love!

However, it can sometimes seem overwhelming if you are the host as you have so much to do – cleaning, cooking, decorating and more! But a great tip from us it to plan ahead and prepare your home so that it is a little easier.

We are in mid November which means we have a fair amount of time to prepare! Here are our top preps for this time of year:

– Start planning for the day – get your calendar out and write down who will be coming and when. This will make it easier to plan food.

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– Go through your home and make a checklist of things you want to do before the holidays start. This could include clearing the yard, touching up paint, decorating or gardening. We also recommend a de-clutter now Spring is here!

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– Spring clean if you haven’t already – windows, de-clutter, sort the garage, clear the garden and have a general clearout.

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РTackle any areas of renovation  that you have been putting off! Having guests at Christmas is a great motivator for doing jobs that you have struggling to do!

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What are some of your tips for Christmas preparations? Let us know over on our Facebook page: