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5 Places You Forget to Clean – Quad Services

10 Mar, 2017

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Being a cleaning services provider in Australia for over 50 years, we have definitely learnt a thing or two in that time! Having spoken with many of our clients, colleagues and employees, we have garnered a lot of knowledge about the finer details of cleaning. One of those being places that can be overlooked in the home when cleaning. These areas are always on our list of areas to clean – but we know that in the home you have a million jobs to do and these can get overlooked!

Here are our 5 places that you (sometimes!) forget to clean:

The inside of the bin – we all take the bins out each week but it can be easy to just put a new bag in and not actually clean the bin. We recommend sterilizing it with bleach on a regular basis to ensure your bin stays fresh and clean!

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 Curtains – these need regular steam cleaning or dry cleaning as they can attract dust and absorb smells.

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Computer keyboards/mice – these are used on a daily basis by most people and should be cleaned regularly as they can harbour a lot of bacteria.

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Under sofas – they can be tricky to move but they should be cleaned regularly as a lot of miscellaneous items and dirt can find its way under there! Investing in a long vacuum extension can help reach difficult places.

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The back of cupboards – we recommend having a good Spring clean every now and then which includes emptying all of your cupboards and giving them a thorough clean!


 Are there any places that you sometimes forget to clean? Let us know your favourite cleaning tips!